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eBook Bundle (All 4 eBooks)

eBook Bundle (All 4 eBooks)

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This is a bundle of all 4 of our eBooks.

1. Don't Block Your Blessings, Bitch!

This nine page eBook was created to motivate anyone who feels like they can't make it out of their current storm. The hardest storms produce some of the most beautiful rainbows and you will make it through! I wrote this at 4 a.m. in my iPhone notes. I played online for a few days trying to perfect it and then I just said fuck it, I will release it as it is because i'm so far from perfect and the people who need to read it will look past the flaws!

2. Start Your Business, Bitch!

This is a quick eight page motivational guide that I created after numerous conversations with friends and clients who are in disbelief when I share my "secrets" about how I started my online business with only $100.00. I've learned that many people don't start because they think that it's harder than it actually is. This guide is not about running your business (that will come later) it's about getting started!

3. Dear Fear: Fuck You!

This twelve page eBook is the follow up to my first eBook called "Don't Block Your Blessings, Bitch." This one takes you further into my current journey as I share my tips for moving past fear and self limiting beliefs.

4. Her Prayer.

This twenty three page eBook is all about my journey to the love that I deserve.

As you already know I consider myself a "Spiritual Gangsta" so please expect a little bit of my natural profanity and realness in each book. Thank you in advance for your support!